spiritual development

Spiritual development is the process of rejecting improper and unrealistic concepts, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. It is the process of becoming a more aware person of your inner being. This process reveals the inner Spirit who is always present but is usually hidden behind the personality of the ego. 

Spiritual development is the process of internal awakening. This means raising consciousness beyond mere existence and awakening to universal truths. It means exceeding the mind and ego and realizing who you really are.

Spiritual development is very important for everyone. Spiritual growth is the foundation of a more harmonious life for everyone; a life free from tension, fear, and anxiety. It allows us to learn that we do not allow circumstances to influence our inner being and state of mind. We manifest self-control and detachment; we develop internal power and strength, and all these are very useful and important tools. 

Spiritual growth does not mean escaping from responsibility; it does not mean weird behavior or becoming a completely impractical person. This is the method of growing and becoming a stronger, happier and more responsible person.

Sustainable life requires that we take care not only of the needs of the body, of our emotions or mind, but also of the spiritual sphere, and this is the role of spiritual development.

10 tips for spiritual development:

1)  Read books about spirituality; books that cheer you up. Think about what you are reading and find out how you can use the information you receive in your life. 

2)  Meditate for at least 15 minutes each day. In books, on the Internet or from meditation teachers, you will learn how to meditate.

 3)  Learn how to calm your mind through concentration and meditation exercises. 

4) Recognize that you are a Spirit who has a physical body and not a physical body with the Spirit. If you can really accept this idea then you will change your attitude to many things in your life. 

5) Often look inside yourself, look into your mind and try to find out what makes you live and you are conscious/aware. 

6)  Think positively. If you notice that you think negatively, stop and immediately switch to positive thinking. Control what enters into your mind. Open the door against what is positive and close against what is negative. 

7)  Thank the Universe for everything you get.

8)  Often exercise strong will and ability to make decisions. It will strengthen you and give you control over the mind. 

9)  Develop the habit of happiness. You can do it by noticing the bright side of life and living in happiness. Happiness comes from the inside. Do not let external circumstances decide happiness for you. 

10)  Develop tolerance, patience, tactfulness, and consideration for other people.

Spiritual development is a right that belongs to every human being. This is the key to happiness and peace of mind and allows to manifest the immense power of the inner Spirit. 

The spirit is present in persons representing the spiritual approach to life as well as in those representing the material approach. The level of manifestation of spirituality depends on how the inner Spirit is close to the surface. It also depends on how hidden it is under the thoughts, beliefs or negative habits.

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