10 Minute Booty Pump Workout – Set Your Butt on Fire & Make It Grow

Why do you need this workout: If you
– like the 12min Grow Your Booty Routine
– only feel your thighs burning during squats
– have bad joints or knee pain
– want to grow your bubble butt & therefore need to put a bigger focus on it
– are looking for an efficient Glute Activation before your heavy Leg Day

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How long will a booty pump last?

If you do things right, a muscle pump can last anywhere between 2 and 3 hours after you’re done with your workout session. Doing things right means you should go through a warm-up session before training, finishing the workout routine with a cool-down session and muscular stretching.

Which Items I use at booty pump workouts:

👉Tops: High Impact Sports Bras
👉Booty Workout Comfortable Pant: Booty High Waisted Workout Yoga Pant
👉Fitness Shoe: Nike Women’s Shoe
👉My Favorite Watch: Smartwatch Fitness Tracker
👉Exercise Mat: High-Density Exercise Mat
👉Socks: Low Cut Socks
💪Dumbbell:  Anti-Slip Dumbbell Hand Weights
💪Resistance Bands: Booty Bands for Women

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