take care of yourself and your family from today
take care of yourself and your family from today

People should follow some effective guideline in their life to give your family a proper care. These things people must do in their life: 

1. Fruits, welcome!

Many children (and adults too) have a hard time eating fruit because of its texture, its taste or simply because chocolates or fried potatoes seem more appealing to them. However, it is very important to introduce fruits and vegetables to have a balanced diet and feel good. If in its complete version it costs, or it costs you, here are some ideas of fruit juices so that you always have these foods in your day to day. Because yes, you must eat fruit every day!

2. Protect you and yours

When it comes to health, everyone wants the best. That’s why we recommend a medical insurance that suits the needs of your family and your own as well. For example, look for a pediatric medical line available 24 hours a day, a personal medical adviser for any questions or with free prevention plans. In this sense, we recommend that you take care of a medical insurance, which may offer all these advantages.

3. Sport, better in family

Computers, tablets, consoles … It is clear, the childhood of today’s children has little to do with ours. However, we must avoid leading a sedentary life, making them acquire a taste for sports. How do you do that? In the first place, you and your partner must be active people too, being their example and making sport as a family an adventure that really suits them . You can make fun plans such as skiing or going to the pool, playing football or basketball or simply dancing for a while at home. On the other hand, collective sports where you make friends and relate to people of your age are also a great idea for them to move without feeling obligated. In addition, this will help prevent obesity Childhood in your children, one of the main concerns of many parents who seek support from medical professionals to combat it.

4. One book per month

When we talk about taking care of you and your family, we do not just refer to food or sports. Exercising the intellect to make them have their own ideas, imagination and tools to face life in a mature way is also something that you should encourage. To do this, teach them to love reading . Either in the form of an electronic book or in the classic paper. Find a time a day to read, start with easier readings and accessible, such as Harry Potter or Manolito Gafotas or Little Nicholas and you will see how quickly they get hooked on the pleasure of reading.

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5. Cooking healthier

To take more care, try to cook in the healthiest way possible. Do not overcook batters or breaded, or cook a lot in the fryer or with high doses of oil. Neither should industrial pastries, fried foods, or sauces (especially mayonnaise and derivatives), which can have some medical problems when children grow up, be common in day-to-day activities . It is important that you encourage them to take a healthy diet from a young age and instill in them the concern for their health since their first years of life.


So, instead of fried and industrial pastries, cook more grilled and baked, where the food is cooked with their own juice or with vegetables. This does not mean that you eliminate everything else from the diet, but you look for the balance between some things and others. And another tip: discover together the gastronomy of other countries, since you will not only enjoy new flavors and textures but you will learn from other cultures and expand your vision of the world.

6. Less tele and more conversation

The fact that you live with other people or that you eat and have dinner together does not mean that you know yourself in depth if there is not an effort on both sides. That is to say, it is fundamental to engage in transcendental conversations with your family, ask them how they are, get interested in their feelings, make sure they feel good and help them when they worry about something. And also the other way around! A good idea for this is, for example, lunch and dinner with the TV off, so that you can talk to each other about how your day has gone.

7. Family getaways

Get used to making trips with your family whenever you can. Spend a few days on the beach, in some other country or, simply, in a nearby city, a weekend will help you to strengthen bonds and feel more united. Many times, when we travel abroad we are worried that an accident may happen and we do not have the necessary medical attention. You do not have to worry about that anymore. You can travel the whole world with the peace of mind that your insurance protects you wherever you go, thanks to its worldwide medical assistance and its agreements with the best clinics in many countries. Do you need more reasons to give you a break that breaks with the routine?

8. Positivist, the key to success

Another thing that both you and your family should strive for is to see the glass always half full. The positivist is something that is transmitted and remember that children are like sponges, so they will learn to face life in a way similar to what they see at home. If you want them to grow happy and confident, try to convey joy and optimistically handle the problems that arise in your life. Here are some great phrases from the cinema that you sure love to tell you. Learn a new one every week and do not forget about them!

9. Small healthy habits of life

To lead a healthier life, you probably do not need to change your way of life drastically. Start with small changes: an afternoon walk, climb more up the stairs and less in the elevator, walk with your back straight, substitute salt for spices or breathe every night deeply before sleeping to feel calm and at peace with yourself. They are small changes but they will make a big difference.

10. Hug them

It is proven that hugs help to reduce anxiety and, no doubt, they also make us feel very good. Do not forget to give a big hug every day to your family. Some children (and also many adults) are little friends of the kissing and hugging but, even if they do not tell you, I’m sure they appreciate your expressions of affection.

11. Learning every day

Do you know the saying “you’ll never go to bed without learning anything new”? Well, make it real! Learn something together every day. Do not let the school or the institute be your only window to the world. Challenge yourself to the fact that each day a family member must explain something new that they have learned to the rest. This way you will get your children (and also your partner and you) to learn new things in a fun way. It will also help increase the self-confidence of your family and your curiosity.

12. Light dinners

Finally, we advise you to be relentless at this point. The dinners should be light to promote a good sleep and avoid overweight. Obviously, it’s okay if we indulge every now and then and have a pizza or a hamburger, but it’s better to leave those kinds of dishes for food. At dinner, it is much healthier to have a salad, some vegetable or fruit, some fish, a French omelet or some chicken or grilled turkey. It may not be as fun as some chips, but it is key to a balanced and healthy diet. You already know the theory, now it’s time to put it into practice!


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