Can I eat fried food after losing weight
Can I eat fried food after losing

Can I eat fried food during weight loss?

  Do not eat fried foods during weight loss. The calories of fried foods are very high. If you want to lose weight successfully, reject some fried foods.

  Although fried foods are delicious, they are generally high-calorie foods, so they are not suitable for eating during weight loss. During the frying process, the starch easily absorbs a large amount of oil. For example, 100 grams of flour made of steamed bread, the heat is about 360 kcal, but after frying into fritters, the heat is increased to 626 kcal, long-term eating will consume too much heat to cause weight gain. 

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In addition, the fried food is difficult to digest in addition to high calorie, and too much salt is added, which directly stimulates the stomach. Obesity is the most obvious result of eating fried foods. In addition, when we use various oils to fry food, the heat of the oil will alienate the fat molecules of the food, and this alienated fat molecules will be disrupted. The normal metabolism of human cells causes various health questions.

  If you can’t help it during the weight loss period, you can eat it once, but be careful not to eat more, and eat it with vegetables. Many fried foods will be served with cabbage as a side dish. Cabbage silk is rich in dietary fiber and can inhibit fat. absorb. In addition, when you enjoy the fried food, don’t just eat it. If you eat it with mushrooms, seaweeds, vegetables, and other food fiber-rich things, you can’t eat too much. Finally, the fried foods can be squeezed with some lemon juice or radish mud. These two foods contain “enzymes”, which can inhibit the absorption of fat and improve the body’s metabolism.

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  How to do if you eat fried food

  After eating fried foods, you can digest the excess calories through exercise. If a person weighs 70kg for an hour, it costs about 200 calories. If you want to take a walk, it is estimated that you have to walk for at least 4 hours, walk for 2 and a half hours or go for an hour and a half. However, the weight loss process should also choose the appropriate exercise program according to your physical condition. It requires 60-90 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. 5-7 days per week, the anti-resistance muscle strength exercise is performed every other day, 10-20 points each time.


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