Can diet pills really lose weight?
Can diet pills really lose weight? daily-healthcare-us-(

Can diet pills really lose weight?

Losing weight is a top priority for fat girls. Although exercise is the most healthy and best way to lose weight, the effect is very slow, and some people have no effect. So many people have taken diet pills. But taking weight loss pills to lose weight is really good.

There are two very different opinions in the society about taking medicine to lose weight. Opponents said: “It is a poison of 3 drugs. If you can not take medicine or try not to eat it, the medicine will eat more. The body will develop resistance and cause trouble for later treatment. You see foreigners,

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If you have a cold, don’t take medicine, eat a few vitamins, drink plenty of water, rest more, and your illness will be fine. “Supporters believe that: “Obesity is also a disease, it is a disease to be cured. Regardless of the method used, it is the heaviest to cure the disease. Now the fat man, 9 out of 10 are fatty liver, high blood pressure, heart disease can not be cured?”

Can diet pills really eat and eat?

Eat diet pills, do you not have to exercise dieting?” Many people buy expensive diet pills for this purpose, as a substitute for hard work and hard diet. However, from a doctor’s point of view, diet pills are not for the sake of Developed for those who want to be lazy.

In foreign countries, patients diagnosed with obesity by doctors will purchase the prescribed diet pills with the doctor’s prescription, and carry out planned treatment according to the weight-loss program developed by the doctor. The type of medication taken, the dose of medication, and the time of medication are strictly controlled by the doctor, and the patient cannot decide for himself.

In general, BMI of more than 24 people needs to consider exercise to lose weight-loss drugs as auxiliary aides segment, while the average daily overweight as long as the attention to strengthening exercise can be, there is no need weight-loss drugs. Some people do not need to take diet pills to prevent obesity.

All diet pills have such a side effect, or light or heavy side effects. If it is not forced by “illness”, there is really no need to eat it. Moreover, whether you are suffering from obesity or not, you have to go to a special weight-loss clinic to do the system.

You will know after checking. The pharmacological effects of diet pills sold on the market are now different, and there are many side effects. Without the guidance of a doctor, with a simple instruction manual, it is difficult to find a drug that suits your condition.

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Should you really join the “medication” family?

160.5 height, weight 49 kg, respectively 84,62,86 cm measurements are not Asian women ‘s health indicators? Local obesity lose weight or not? Who needs weight-loss drugs thing it? What drugs are most suitable for you? For almost every home The diet pills that pharmacies can buy are as much as our expectations and doubts.

At the “China Population Obesity and Disease Risk Symposium” organized by the International Life Science Institute China Office, experts reached a consensus on Chinese obesity standards: the body mass index (BMI) was used to judge obesity or not. Standard, when BMI is greater than 24, it is overweight, and when it is greater than 28, it is obese.

How is BMI measured? As the most commonly used standard for judging obesity in the world, BMI = body weight (Kg) is the square of height (m2). You could check your BMI using our BMI checking Software. In addition, some people are very “standard” in weight, but the fat distribution is not proportional, such as the common pear-shaped body.

This part of the population is also in the category of obesity. According to the ratio of waist to hip ratio. At present, the standard for women’s waist-hip ratio in the world is waist circumference (cm) should be less than 0.85. If it is severely exceeded, it will not be reduced by “fat”, because the health of the fat concentrated in the abdomen is much larger than that of the limbs and buttocks!

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