Drink Water to Lose Weight

How Drinking Water Can Help You to Lose Weight

Drinking water to lose weight refers to the method of achieving weight loss through drinking water, with the main method of increasing the amount of water drinking and adjusting the time of drinking water.

Drink water early in the morning to reduce belly

Drinking water in the morning is very good. When we sleep at night, our body consumes a lot of water in the process of excretion and breathing. After getting up in the morning, our body will be physiologically dehydrated. Drinking water early in the morning can reduce your belly. When you have breakfast in the morning, you can drink a glass of boiled water, light honey water, or water with added cellulose. These waters can quickly accelerate the peristaltic function of the stomach and intestines, and excrete the garbage, toxins, and metabolites accumulated in the body at night, so as to reduce the belly.

Drinking water before meals reduces appetite

Drinking water before eating can reduce our appetite. In fact, many people are not fat, but after eating, the belly will be bulging, like a baby belly. Even when we don’t eat, our stomachs also need to take a breath to calm down. Then, drinking a glass of water before a meal can increase satiety and reduce food intake. If you persist for a long time, your appetite will naturally decrease.

Drinking water in the afternoon can reduce cellulite

Usually, when we are sitting, we will find some fleshy running out of the waist. This is the excess fat on the body. At this time, it is formed by sitting for a long time and eating high-calorie foods. In the afternoon, when people feel tired and tired, don’t even take in high-calorie foods. At this time, only the formation of fat enters the body. We can make a cup of scented tea to dispel this tired emotion and also control the desire to eat. The fragrance of this flower and grass can also reduce your appetite, so you won’t eat too much during dinner.

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Schedule for drinking water to lose weight

6:30: After a whole night of sleep, the body begins to lack water. When you wake up, drink 250CC of water first to help detoxify the kidneys and liver.

8:30: From getting up to the office in the early morning, the time is always very tight, the mood is also tense, the body will be dehydrated invisibly, so when you get to the office, don’t rush to make coffee and give yourself a cup of at least 250CC of water!

11:00: After working in an air-conditioned room for a period of time, you must give yourself the third glass of water in the day when you get up and move, to replenish the lost water and help relax your nervous work mood!

12:50: After half an hour of lunch, drink some water to strengthen the digestive function of the body.

15:00: Replace refreshing drinks such as afternoon tea and coffee with a cup of healthy mineral water! It can be refreshing.

17:30: Before leaving the office after getting off work, drink another glass of water to increase the feeling of fullness. When you have dinner, you will naturally not over-eating.

22:00: Drink a glass of water 1 to half an hour before going to bed! I have consumed 1750CC of water today. But don’t drink too much in one breath, so as not to affect the quality of sleep in the bathroom at night.

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Facilitate blood circulation and promote fat burning

Drinking hot water can improve the function of the intestines and stomach. After drinking water, it can promote blood circulation, increase the temperature of the internal organs by about 1 ℃, increase the metabolic capacity by 10%-12%, and increase the fat-burning rate.

Improve visceral function and eliminate toxins

Drinking hot water can increase body temperature, promote visceral activity and promote digestion. It allows toxins in the body to be discharged, enhances the vitality of the liver and kidneys, and purifies the body from the inside to the outside.

Increase urination and expel excess water

Drinking hot water can enhance blood circulation and drain the water trapped in the body. With the increase in urine output, the weight is also reduced, and the constipation is getting better.

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