Everything you Need to Know About Coronavirus COVID-19 (ABC News AU)

7.30’s coronavirus special is dedicated to giving you the facts and sensible advice from world-leading experts.

We look at whether you’re likely to catch it, how it might impact your life, how it’s spreading and the impact it might have on Australia’s economy.

00:47 – Perth rallies around James Kwan, the first Australian to die from COVID-19
02:26 – Jason Honey talks about his and his wife Karen’s experiences with coronavirus after their Diamond Princess cruise
03:39 – Behind the scenes with a coronavirus prepper
05:16 – COVID-19 misinformation debunked by Dr. Norman Swan
06:30 – Which is better, hand washing or hand sanitizer?
10:06 – Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security’s Amesh Adalja on what we can do to better spot emerging viruses
13:55 – How the Australian Government is preparing for COVID-19
17:57 – World Health Organisation’s(WHO) Dr. Margaret Harris on why COVID-19 is such a big deal
20:06 – what impact will the coronavirus have on the Australian economy?
25:19 – Dr. Niall Ferguson on how COVID-19 compares to the Black Death and the Spanish Flu


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