Use faith to keep your family together and happy
Use faith to keep your family together and happy

Faith strengthens families, and faith can specifically strengthen your family. For a strong, united and happy family, nothing is better than a routine based on faith.

Home and family are the most precious assets of most people. Coming home after a long day at work is really comforting! Being close to the people we love the most in the world is indescribable.

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Keeping the family together and happy is the greatest desire of loving parents who care to continue to keep the home as a refuge for all. And this is easy when faith is used in the family’s favor.

Children raised in the light of parental beliefs since childhood are more likely to feel secure in all phases of life, being more prepared for everyday challenges and personal growth.

Ideally, children should grow up in an environment where there are three main things:

The Presence of God

No matter what religion, the presence of God can be achieved with the family lifestyle. And this includes:

  • Family and individual prayers.
  • Individual Bible study and family discussions.
  • A frequency of the church.

With family members practicing these items with grateful hearts, the presence of God can be perceived in the home, even to those who come to visit.

Love between parents

Living faith and religion is not just praying when getting up, going to bed or before meals. It is to follow the teachings and demonstrate the love of God to the nearest neighbor. When parents truly love each other, strengthening their relationship each day and being well with one another, their children feel more secure. As it is in 1 Corinthians 13: 5, love “does not behave with indecency, does not seek its interests, does not get angry, does not suspect evil.”


By following the teachings learned in the scriptures according to your belief, respect for the fellow, especially those in the home, will flow and make the place pleasant, united and happy. In Romans 14:10, Paul warns us about the inadequate judgment of our brother, who may also be a son or a spouse.

With habits of faith included in the family routine, it will be much easier to achieve happiness and harmony among family members. And even if children grow up and choose not to follow their parents’ beliefs, they will take with them the family lifestyle they were raised in and wish to have together in their own homes. The example always speaks louder than the teachings.

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