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Natural help to hair care Daily

The hair is to the man what the leaves are to the trees. They wither, they fall, they whiten; or they are strong, bright, brilliant … It is, therefore, necessary to take care of his hair, that is to say, his state of stress and fatigue.

There are many ways to help your hair regain or maintain its shine, strength, beauty, and grace. But the most important thing is still to love them. The writer Colette in the 40s already said on this subject: “The hair is quite rebellious, enough alive so that the pleasure of tormenting, enslaving and transforming it is endless. ”

The big battle between women and their hair is not about to end. What a girl with straight hair did not spend hours smoothing her hair, forgetting in her race curlers that almost none of the princesses of Disney had curly hair … we do not like what we have and we want what we do not have.

And yet, our hair is not our enemies. They dress us and look like us, whether short or long, curly or stiff, brown, red, frizzy, blond, they make our personality and bring us “dog”. The problem comes mainly from a lack of self-acceptance and too often, let’s face it, a bad cut.

For example, we go regularly shopping but we are reluctant to go to the hairdresser. And yet, a makeover will save us some pep and ten years of age. We forget too easily that a beauty artist who knows his job well can give us an interesting vision of ourselves.

Let’s dream around our hair, let’s accept them and let’s love them the way they are. There are very beautiful women with short hair, long hair, kinky hair, baby hair, or thick hair, whatever, beauty is in diversity and in self-esteem. Let’s stop comparing each other and value our assets. When hair is fragile and thin, opt for shortcuts; there are a thousand ways to wear short hair.

And if you have a beautiful lioness mane, keep the hair long but take care of them. Having long hair does not mean having no cut. If you’re tired, depressed and you’re feeling awful, this is the right time to go to the hairdresser.

Believe my experience of woman-to-hair-unmanageable, do not neglect the budget you will spend in a good cup. You could spend several months repenting from this stealthy moment of greed. One of my friends, a violinist, has sumptuous hair. They fall very thick on his hips, in a cascade of curls well drawn. Hair that always made me want to shoot to make sure they were not additions. To piss off more than one of jealousy.

One day I was ecstatic for the umpteenth time on her hair, she revealed to me her secret: for years she was washing her hair with eggs. She was beating several egg yolks in a bowl (in my opinion a whole box had to go through it) and was using this mixture as a shampoo. Since that admission, I do the same thing once a week.

Obviously, the eggs did not transform me into Rapunzel princess, but I feel a clear difference from before. And paradoxically, it’s an effective process that does not leave an odor. Sometimes, to give me an impression of freshness, I add to this mixture two drops of essential oil of laurel. It strengthens my hair and acts a bit like a conditioner.

You can also add a drop of essential oil of ginger because it allows a faster growth of the hair. Do not be fooled by the scent of this last fragrant oil because it leaves no trace after the shower.

Some useful tips to have the hair of your dreams.


Massage your hair with natural oils 1 / 2h before your shampoo. (castor oil, argan oil, olive oil). Combined with crushed banana, these oils act in depth.

Mix in a bowl the juice of a lemon, the flesh of a half avocado, and a spoon of olive oil. When it becomes a homogeneous paste apply it on your hair and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse and proceed to your usual shampoo.


Mix two ripe bananas, a whole avocado, and yogurt in a blender and let this mixture 1 / 2h on your own hair. Then rinse with warm water.

To have silky hair, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with your usual shampoo.


Mix in a bowl of crushed banana and reason seed oil until smooth. Leave on for an hour by covering your hair with a plastic film or a hot towel and wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Take a bath of argan oil for one hour and proceed to your shampoo.

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Mix 2 tablespoons of apple juice with 2 tablespoons of water, and massage your scalp with this mixture. Rinse your hair after 10 minutes, you can repeat the operation 2 to 3 times a week for more efficiency.

Rinse your head with cider vinegar. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar in half a liter of warm water and after rinsing your shampoo, sprinkle your hair with this water vinegar.


Mix 160g yogurt with an egg and apply the mixture on your hair after shampooing. Leave for 10 minutes then rinse.


Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a ½ liter of warm water and sprinkle your hair after rinsing your shampoo.


In a bowl mix 1/3 castor oil, 1/3 olive oil and 1/3 mustard oil. Then leave an hour and wash your hair 2 or 3 times in a row.

Mix in a bowl an egg yolk (if you have dry hair) and a whole egg (if you have oily hair), 2 tablespoons castor oil and a tablespoon of liquid honey. Leave for an hour and then rinse with warm water before proceeding to your usual shampoo.


Lemon juice is an effective natural gel. If you do not have time to wash your hair: Rub your scalp with powdered sodium bicarbonate for a minute and brush your hair vigorously.


Add a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil to your usual shampoo.


Add 2 drops of laurel essential oil and a drop of ginger essential oil to your usual shampoo; massage your scalp for a good minute. Let stand a little before rinsing.

Carefully massage your scalp with castor oil, and then apply the oil all the way.

Keep this mask for 2 hours and wash your hair with your usual shampoo. As castor oil is very oily, do not hesitate to make a second shampoo.

Do massages of your scalp, even dry, it is very useful to relax and promote the growth of your hair. Perform these massages from the nape of the neck to the forehead, then from the ears to the top of the skull.

To speed up the growth and fortify your hair regularly make yeast cures of beer.

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