20 healthy weight loss methods
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Healthy weight loss, how to lose weight is effective? Not dieting, but growing lean. Yixiu Women’s Network today brings you the most effective way to lose weight, teach you to build lean body, lose weight is not a glimpse, the most important thing is to find a way to lose weight.

Healthy weight loss 20 healthy weight loss methods

1. When you wake up in the morning, it is best to drink a cup of boiled water on an empty stomach. For breakfast, you can eat whole wheat toast and add half a cup of skimmed milk. Also, you can drink green tea. Breakfast must be eaten.

2. Lunch can be selected mainly for fruits, apples or tomatoes are preferred, especially apples are the best, juice can be cut into pieces, and juice is easy to eat and carry in large quantities, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and scrape the intestinal wall after years. The stool makes the protruding belly disappear quickly, very effective!!

3. For dinner, you can choose to have a normal dinner, but you still need to pay attention to the increase in the amount of food. The amount of rice is halved (but not lacking). Never eat high-calorie foods such as fried foods and chips (if you want to eat) Food should be drained and eaten with boiled water instead of soup. Food can improve your life. It is strictly forbidden to eat after 9:30 in the evening (day and night).

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4. Do not do strenuous exercise during weight loss, you can do more housework.

5. It is best to satisfy your appetite and reduce your food intake.

6. Although starchy foods such as rice, wheat, and flour are indispensable, they should be minimized.

7. Avoid snoozing, sleep seven hours a day as the standard, the lowest metabolic rate during sleep, the least energy consumption, the synthesis of cholesterol and fat, the main cause of snoozing but eating less will also gain weight.

8. It is best to use light foods (lower salt intake).

9. Fasting bananas (the highest calorie in fruits), cakes, whole milk, ice cream, and thickened foods and cabbages. Try to mix them with low-calorie foods that you like to eat. Perseverance.

10. Cooking food, reducing oil (but not oil).

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11. When you are hungry, when your body burns fat: At this time, exercise for half an hour to an hour, the effect of burning fat is best. After exercise, pay attention to replenish water and sugar. Just enough to reduce daily sugar (rice) The amount of food and food intake is a necessary method for weight loss.

12. Do not drink cooking soup: This soup has high oil content and is easy to absorb. It is very easy to make people gain weight, so please remember.

13. Leisure time, eat less: low metabolic rate during leisure, low-calorie consumption, food calories should be reduced.

14. Do not eat late at night: Do not eat before two hours before going to bed, the heat is most easily converted into fat, accumulated in the abdomen.

15. Do not eat leftovers: In order not to waste, every time you put the leftovers in the bowl and the plate into the stomach, it is difficult to not gain weight.

16. Every food has its own shortcomings. It is not only unhelpful to eat, but harmful. The heavier the weight, the greater the food intake, the shortcomings of various foods, the greater the chance of performance, and the more opportunities for physical harm. Life on earth almost relies on other life to sustain the formation of the food chain, but there is no life. It is destined to be the fish of other life, that is, even the fruits and vegetables, which have natural chemicals that poison animals, in order to protect themselves.

17. Fatty weaker: You should use the power of others to achieve weight loss, such as finding a reliable weight loss consultant or finding a family member to help maintain your ideal weight for a lifetime.

18. The dinner can be attended, but you should carefully select the dishes to eat: less fat and less starchy food, you can still eat.

19. Limit salt: Salt is the most easily absorbed substance. People with heavy taste must drink a lot of water. Four cups of water will weigh one kilogram. This is why many people say that drinking water is also fat. In fact, drinking water is a matter of weight gain, not to make people fat. Therefore, removing excess water can reduce weight.

20. Many people who want to lose weight have subconsciously feel hungry, and eat to replace hungry.

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