Healthy weight loss diet three meals a day
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People eat food for the day, three meals a day is the most normal thing, then for weight loss, how to distribute and arrange three meals a day is very important, how to eat can not grow meat, how to eat to get the lowest calories, How to eat cannot lose weight? Xiaobian today shares the three-day diet recipe for you. If you want to lose weight, you can refer to it. Here get free weight loss product.

Healthy weight loss diet three meals a day

What principles should the diet follow?

1. The importance of three meals a day.

Eat three meals a day. People eat not just to fill their stomachs or relieve their problems, mainly to ensure the normal development and health of the body. The experiment proves that the protein-digestion and absorption rate in food is 85% for three meals a day. If you change to two meals a day and eat half of the whole food for each meal, the protein digestion and absorption rate is only 75%. Therefore, in accordance with the living habits of our people, in general, three meals a day is quite reasonable.

2, The choice of food in three meals.

What foods are selected for three meals a day, how to make them, and how to cook them are all very particular and vary from person to person. Generally speaking, the staple food and non-staple food for three meals a day should be thick and fine. Animal food and plant food should have a certain proportion. It is best to eat beans, potatoes, and fresh vegetables every day.

The scientific distribution of three meals a day is determined by each person’s physical condition and work needs. According to the amount of food, the ratio of three meals in the morning, middle and evening are 3:4:3. If someone eats 500 grams of staple food every day, then 150 grams should be eaten in the morning and evening, and 200 grams at noon is appropriate.

3. The scientific mix of breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a good breakfast every day can make people live longer. The breakfast is designed to be digestible, absorbent, and high-fiber foods. It is best to have the highest proportion of raw food, which will be the main source of energy for the day.

Three meals weight loss recipe


Milk Oatmeal + Boiled Eggs + Greens

Oatmeal: Raw oatmeal needs to be boiled or added to the water and heated in a microwave to make the oatmeal softer. For those who like sweetness, you can add fresh apples and raisins.

The seemingly simple breakfast is actually very knowledgeable. Oatmeal can help you lower your cholesterol, eggs are rich in protein, and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins. This is a high grain, high fiber breakfast.

In addition to this breakfast, you can choose

1. A bowl of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, one egg

2. A bowl of red bean rice porridge, a piece of refreshing side dish (cucumber, carrot, celery and boiled spiced peanuts), longan or jujube

3. Sauce tofu, steamed egg tarts, half a taco


Tofu brain + apple meal

After a period of time, the transition to noon, when the body detoxification will begin to feel obvious hunger, but in the medium term, the toxins are still not completely clear and clean, so cannot restore normal diet, eating apple and tofu brain can help deep Remove toxins from the body and allow you to replenish enough nutrients in the middle of weight loss.

In order to avoid bloating and stomach discomfort in alkaline foods, it is recommended to eat apples and then eat tofu brains. The number is not limited, but only 7 minutes can be eaten. After 16 hours, the hunger will be reduced and the body will become Easy. Apples will increase satiety, and eating before meals can reduce food intake and achieve weight loss.


Dinner should be eaten less, but it is not right to eat at all but to be exquisite.

Snacks before dinner (in the afternoon): a pack of protein powder + grapefruit/ pear/apple

Apple is known as the “king of fruit”, it is rich in pectin, edible apples have a good intestine to promote digestion, and protein powder is your body’s strong fuel, in the winter can make the body more cold-resistant.

Dinner: soup / + congee + green tea

You can choose Cantonese style soup or porridge. Cantonese style porridge and soup are notoriously nutritious. In addition, drinking green tea before 9 o’clock in the evening, while improving basal metabolism while preventing hunger.

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