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How to Get a Beautiful and Bright Skin


Get Bright Skin to be BeautifulWould you like to have a naturally beautiful complexion? Do you want a beautiful and luminous skin? Here’s how to take care and protect your skin so that it looks wonderful from the moment you open your eyes when you wake up.

Diet and Exercise

Drink. Bet to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. The water purifies the skin and illuminates it because it helps the body to quickly eliminate toxins.

  • Take a bottle of water with you during the day to make sure you always have water close at hand.

  • Drink some herbal teas or other caffeine-free drinks to hydrate you if you get tired of water.

Follow a healthy dietNutritious fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins and help you have a healthy and glowing skin. Add these elements to your diet to see changes in a short time:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish and nuts are very good for the skin.

  • Vitamin C will help make pimples disappear, so eat citrus and spinach as much as you can.

  • Eat high-fiber foods (fresh vegetables, dried fruit, fruit with peel) to achieve intestinal balance and regularity. You may feel tired and sick (headache and pangs in your stomach) if you do not evacuate regularly at least once or twice a day.

Take vitamins: if you are afraid of not taking enough vitamins and minerals, take a multivitamin. Vitamins to be taken during pregnancy are very beneficial for the skin.

Train. A cardio workout makes the skin luminous because it stimulates circulation. It’s also good for your body and makes you stronger. You will see immediate and even long-term results.

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Get Rid Of Acne Permanently

Treat Acne

Prevent acne before it manifests. Here are some small tricks you can use every day to avoid pimps:

  • Change the pillowcase every 4-5 days. A clean pillowcase, without bacteria, can prevent your skin from being filled with pimples at night.

  • Do not put your hands on your face. If you have a tendency to rest your chin on your hand or put your hands on your face, stop it. The oils present on the hands can cause venting, even if minimal.

  • Tie your hair when you sleep. If you have long hair, keep them away from your face while you sleep. Legal, use hairpins or a band to keep rebel locks away from your forehead.

  • Make your beauty sleep. Stress can cause skin rashes, so always try to be calm and well rested.

  • Change the contraceptive pill (only for women). Some oral contraceptives containing estrogen may decrease any outbreaks. Ask your doctor if it may be the right choice for you.

Do not crush the pimples. So the infection gets worse and you could cause permanent scarring.
Consult a dermatologist. 
If you can not keep the problem under control by yourself, go to a doctor. You may be prescribed special treatments such as Accutane, Retinol A or red and blue light phototherapy.
Try a salicylic acid
cleaner: many anti-acne cleansers contain it and kill the bacteria that cause it.

  • To avoid drying your face, use salicylic acid only in the morning and see if that’s enough. If you still need it, use it even in the evening.
    Use spot treatments. 
    There are several products that you can apply directly to the pimple to reduce redness and kill bacteria. The most famous is salicylic acid in gel and benzoyl peroxide in cream.

  • For more help, try using both formulations.

  • Remember that benzoyl peroxide can discolor hair and clothes.

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bright skin care tips


Create a routine

Wash your face before going to sleep. During the day, makeup, dirt, and sebum accumulate on your face; Make a cleansing routine before going to sleep.

  • Use makeup remover; not only will you avoid clogged pores and therefore pimples while you sleep, but the bacteria will not move onto the pillow, where you rest your face night after night.

  • Use a mild soap. Remember that you have to clean the skin and do not eliminate all traces of sebum – if you feel it pulls and is dry after washing it, you are using a too strong product.

  • Avoid the eye area; the skin around the eyes is too delicate for most soaps.

  • Rinse by throwing water on your face. Using a sponge or a rough fabric to clean the skin can irritate it more. Instead, fold over the sink, put your hands in the cup and sprinkle small amounts of water on your face. Ten sprays should be enough.

  • Tampon your face to dry it, but do not rub the skin with the towel. Instead, gently dab it or let it dry in the air.

Use a tonic: closes the pores and removes excess sebum and dirt from the face that the detergent has not pulled away. Not everyone needs to use it, but some find it very useful.

  • Leave a few drops on a cotton pad or pad. Pass it gently on your face.

  • Use an astringent only if you have very greasy skin. Astringent is a stronger type of tonic that can hold over 60% of alcohol. If you have dry skin, using an astringent can cause acne by bringing your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

  • Witch hazel is a natural alternative to the tonic / astringent.

  • Apply the tonic only in acne-prone areas of the face. For example, you could use it only on the nose and forehead.

Use the moisturizer. Using the cream in the morning serves as a primer for your makeup, fixing it all day. The night cream helps the skin regenerate and fights wrinkles. Plus, it’s one of the best things you can do to have glowing skin for a long time.

  • Use a lighter moisturizer for the day. If you have a tendency to acne, use the most nourishing cream for the night and apply a gel or a light moisturizer during the day.

  • Do not forget the neck and neckline. These areas dry out a lot and become irritated if you do not keep them hydrated.

Exfoliate the skin once a week. 
If your skin tends to be dry and fragile, an exfoliating treatment a week will eliminate all dead cells. Find a super fine-grained exfoliant and do not massage it aggressively on your skin – use a gentle touch and gentle pressure.

  • A simple sugar scrub mixed with honey works very well as an exfoliant. Then rinse it with warm water.

  • You could also exfoliate your skin with a dry specific face sponge: pass it with small circular movements.

Protect your skin from the sun. Avoid a thick, leathery skin using sunscreen every time you go out. A skin not damaged by the sun will remain hydrated and elastic for many years. Remember, it takes 15 minutes to burn under the sun, so be prepared.

  • Use SPF 30 – higher protection does not have much more advantages.

  • Search in the perfumeries for a sunscreen spray that is light and dry.

  • Use a foundation or colored cream with sunscreen, so your face is protected.


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