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Prepare your body for the most exciting series of changes you will spend in your life! Taking care of your body and preparing you for pregnancy is not complicated that much. It leads to a series of habits that should accompany you not only in this period but for the rest of your life. This article can help you reduce the impact of carrying a baby, whether you are planning to become pregnant in the next few years, months, or are in the early stages of pregnancy.


Find a doctor

You will want to consult an obstetrician/gynecologist or certified midwife as soon as possible when deciding which one to get pregnant. Starting this relationship early will not only help you get vital advice, it will also help make sure you’re with someone who pleases you when you’re really carrying your baby! sometimes can born autism baby for low protein.

Update your immunizations. 

It is important to go to the doctor and make sure that you have taken all the important vaccines and that anyone that has expired is updated. This is because although it is rare to get diseases like measles if you get sick while you are pregnant, this can have serious consequences for your baby. 

Make sure you have STDs. 

Sexually transmitted diseases are often asymptomatic, and exposing your child to them can cause permanent problems to your baby’s health, or even death. Do not allow incorrect information about how STDs are transmitted to prevent you from testing to check your health. Even if you think it’s impossible, take the exams anyway, to be sure! many mothers have attacked by breast cancer after born their baby. So, you should proper care of your health before pregnancy.

Examine the potential health risks. 

You will want your doctor to do a complete checkup to keep an eye on any health complications that could harm and make your pregnancy dangerous. if you already have moderately high blood pressure, then you may face a dangerous path. 58 percent of parents are overweight after born their first baby.

prepare body for pregnancy

Review your medications. 

Many prescription drugs and some dietary supplements can be dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. Talk to your doctor about all the medicines you are taking and find out what adjustments will be needed.

Wait after using contraception. 

You will, of course, have to stop using contraceptives before you become pregnant. However, it is important to understand how long after the break you should wait before being able to get pregnant again. You should look for the specifics of the contraceptive or contraceptive method you are following, but in general:

  • Birth control pills will usually be out of your body in a few days, but your body may not be ready for pregnancy for 2 or 3 months.

  • Depo-Provera can take from 9 to 12 months to completely leave your body.

  • IUD, hormonal and non-hormonal, can often cause your body to return to normal in less than a month.

  • Condoms, cervical cap, and other barrier methods will not prevent you from getting pregnant as long as you stop using them.

Stop using cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. 

If you smoke, you will have to stop during pregnancy. If you drink, you also need to stop. If, by chance, you use drugs like cocaine, heroin or other illegal substances such as marijuana, stop. All of these things can cause the death of your baby or cause him to be born with serious mental and health problems in general.

Manage your stress. During pregnancy, stress can be dangerous for your baby and for you too! Blood pressure is often affected by pregnancy, and the extra stress may be the drop of water that will cause premature labor. 

  • Find healthy ways to deal with stress, such as using creativity in some task or yelling at the pillow.


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