Lazy Girl Lose Weight No Exercise, How Do I Lose Weight
Lazy Girl Lose Weight No Exercise, How Do I Lose Weight-Daily Healthcare

Lazy Girl Lose Weight: No Exercise, How Do I Lose Weight

Why do I want to lose weight?

I started to get fat at the age of 18, and it will be long after the end of nutrition. There is no place to put it crazy. It’s less than a year and a half. The weight is directly from 86 to 108. The cruel reality is I hit the broken bones. Last year, I met a boy who started to talk about love. I thought that he liked my meat and was very cute. It was the truth, and I was half-dead.

Finally, one day when we fried chicken wings in KFC, he came weakly: If you can be thinner, just fine. I spit out the chicken wings on the spot and decided to lose weight.


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Here is to tell the sister paper, the boyfriend said that you like to be fat is to comfort you, who does not like the slim girl. If you have a good personality and good work, it’s a pity that it’s a fat man. It’s better to bite your teeth and lose weight to make yourself slimmer. It’s better to be married to Bai Fumei and marry Gao Fushuai.

I lost weight from May last year until now, from 108 to 92, because I am lazy, I have no exercise, all rely on the results of eating and grasping.

1. Three meals a day to eat on time, I am studying at the school to eat a large canteen, breakfast is buns and eggs with soy milk, nothing special, but the buns eat one, small. The amount of lunch is fixed for everyone. When I have finished eating, I often add rice. After I decide to lose weight, I will start eating after I have poured out one-third of it. I will definitely stop adding rice. The meal is actually very high. Eating less food is really helpful for losing weight. Dinner is the same as Chinese food, first dump a part and start eating. Try to eat as early as possible. Well, casual, don’t eat meat every day, it’s okay to eat twice a week.

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2. Must remember when eating, small mouth and small mouth to eat, slowly chewing, the longer a meal, the better, you can compete with yourself, use your mobile phone to record the daily eating time, and then continue to grow, today than yesterday A little more time, tomorrow will spend more time than today. I think there are two advantages to doing this.

Slow eating can increase the feeling of fullness, let you have the illusion that you have eaten a lot of things after eating for a long time, and you can feel more fully when you eat slowly. Enjoy the most authentic taste of your food and enjoy your meal time. The second advantage is that this way of playing with yourself is a bit of fun. The road to losing weight is very hard, so you have to find out the fun to keep going. Seeing the number of numbers every day, I will feel that I am today. Definitely lost a lot. By the way, don’t weigh every day during weight loss.

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3. When you are hungry, drink hard. It is inevitable that the amount of rice is reduced. It is inevitable that I feel hunger. I am also very uncomfortable at first, but I think that I must be able to restrain myself from eating the snacks in front of my boyfriend, and then I will try my best to drink the water. Drinking water cannot rule out hunger. Feeling, I am just seeking psychological comfort. I heard the sound of hungry screaming. I imagined that this is the sound of fat burning in the body. I feel that I am thin, my heart is happy, and hunger is gone.

4. Absolutely must not sit down after a meal, if you sit down or lie down immediately after eating, then I can only tell you all the efforts you have done in tears. It’s basic to walk for half an hour after eating, it’s not good, you have to stand for half an hour.

5. Snacks, do not think about anything, I have not even eaten an apple in addition to eating.

Third, the results came out and persisted for about a month. The effect came out, and I lost about five pounds. I was so happy to be in front of my boyfriend. I decided to pick up again. I have continued this method until now. If I have a small amount of food now, I don’t feel hungry at all, so basically there is no pain.

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Fourth, I have felt some changes in my body at the same time of weight loss in the past year. This is the negative impact of this kind of non-sports weight loss. I have to tell you about it.

1. Physical decline. I used to be in good health. After losing weight, my body deteriorated because of the lack of nutrition. The most scary thing is that from September to November last year, my hair was crazy, and I took a lot of hair and reduced my hair. One-half. Later, under the bombardment of various law-enforcement strategies and nutritional supplements, it gradually returned to the level before weight loss. Another manifestation of a decline in physical fitness is that it is easy to feel tired, and sometimes it feels particularly unremarkable if you don’t have a good rest. Realizing that after these changes, I started to add nutrients. Because of the small amount of food, I ate very little and didn’t eat because of this.

2. Gastrointestinal function is no more than before. Probably every fat man has a super strong stomach and horrible digestive function. I used to have a reduced diet and my appetite is getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes it is especially uncomfortable to eat a little bit more. Can not digest, but also rely on digestion. Now every time I encounter a dish I like to eat, I don’t want to eat too much, because I am afraid that my stomach is uncomfortable.

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3. Thin and uneven. There is probably no strict participation in sports, so there will be such a result. But after losing weight, it will still give you the feeling that you are thin and thin, although not even, but it is not strange. The landlord is now a little bit dissatisfied with the big arms and stomach, and the big arm is definitely not to be said to be rough, in general, I am still very satisfied.

Basically, it is like this.

This method may not be healthy enough because there is no exercise. However, I often hear that a sister said that she would rather change her life to change her slim body. Then I feel that this method is really gentle.

Losing weight is not a one-time thing. I can’t say that I can eat less than five pounds of meat tomorrow. I need patience and persistence. I wish every friend who is determined to lose weight can become a lightning bolt.

PS.. After breaking up with my boyfriend, my weight has soared, but now I lose my buddy. I really lose some motivation to lose weight, but no matter what, I don’t want to please others, just to warm myself, to be a better self. Come on.

March 15, 2017 more. . . . .

I visited Douban in a few days and saw this weight loss sticker a few years ago. I feel so funny. I used to like chopsticks legs. In fact, 108 would not seem to be fat, but it is still very different from the imaginary figure. As time goes by, I gradually start to like a healthy body, and I am concerned about the ratio of fat to muscle.

Especially after starting to learn to cook, the resistance to food has been zero, and it is no longer possible to control weight by dieting. Since I can’t control my mouth, I have to open my legs. Now the weight is 102, there is a gap from the ideal, but it is good for health, the hair can not be lost, the digestive lever is good, and most importantly, you can eat everything you like.

Still, recommend that the girl who loses weight can’t be lazy and want to exercise.

I wish everyone can find the most suitable method and become their own dream.

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