Man, are you too fat?
Man, are you too fat?


The people in Germany are getting fatter – especially the men. More than one in two is overweight, a new study shows. Good news is with the children.

First, the hair turns gray, then they fall out completely – and eventually comes the beer belly: This cliché about German men is true, at least in terms of weight.

At the end of their working life, about 74 percent of all German men are overweight, according to a study by the German Nutrition Society (DGE). More than half of the women in this age group are too fat, around 56 percent.

Men get fat sooner

Men are more affected by obesity across all age groups than women, writes the DGE. Accordingly, the average man increases between his 18th and 40th Birthday eleven kilograms. Even in the 30- and 35-year-old men are normal weight in the minority. People with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above are considered to be overweight for the DGE.

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Women, on the other hand, are increasing more slowly. Only at the age of 55 does the proportion of overweight women increase to more than 50 percent. In its study, the company relies on figures from the Federal Statistical Office.

The reasons for the weight problems have long been known, the DGE: The people moved too little and eat too many high-energy foods. These are also still cheap and available everywhere.

More and more thickness is very thick

Since 1999, the thicknesses have also become increasingly thicker: The proportion of obese – ie extremely overweight – increased in men by 40 percent and in women by 24 percent.

Being obese (obese) means having a BMI over 30. Also the European statistics authority Eurostat pointed out last year to these super-thick Germans. The obesity share is higher in this country than in many other EU countries.

After all, there is good news for the children: if the proportion of overweight children in their school enrollment increased between 1990 and 2004, the development stagnated – or the children on average even regained their normal weight. Currently, the proportion of overweight children, depending on the state, is between eight and twelve percent, of which between three and five percent are obese.