Treatment of Pet Dog Food Poisoning
Treatment of Pet Dog Food Poisoning

Treatment of Pet Dog Food Poisoning

As a qualified dog owner. You should have some basic medical and first-aid knowledge. When you have an accident, you can use your knowledge, first aid, and care for your pet, and minimize unnecessary harm.

Can a dog recover from food poisoning?

Because the structure of dogs and ours is different, we usually eat or even find very delicious foods, which may cause your dogs to be poisoned. Although the signs of food poisoning can appear rapidly and be dramatic, the majority of dogs recover completely. Unless animals continue to vomit, treatment for food poisoning victims is primarily supportive.

How long does it take for a dog to recover from food poisoning?

Food poisoning in dogs is a more delicate problem. Under normal circumstances, it is not true food poisoning, but inappropriate food that fails to perform its due role.

Pet doctors kindly refer to this situation as “junk bowels” , because dogs especially favor those “forbidden treasures.”

Just like humans, dogs can also develop food poisoning. In many cases, it can be mild and your pet can recover within a few days.

The following are the treatment methods after pet poisoning:

1. Preventing further absorption of drugs This is the first and most important step. A flushing method can be used. For example, when the poison is absorbed through the skin, the dog’s skin and coat are repeatedly washed with water or soaked in a bathtub. When cleaning, people should wear waterproof gloves and lightly wash them.

  • Vomiting: It is a first-aid measure to remove the poison that enters the stomach. It is effective in the short-term intake of poison. You can use emetic medicine. When the poison has been ingested for more than 4 hours, most of the poison has entered the duodenum. Do not use vomiting drugs.
  • Gastric lavage: the method of gastric lavage in the case that it cannot be effective after vomiting or vomiting. The poison is ingested within 2 hours. It can discharge the contents of the stomach, regulate the pH, relieve the stimulation of the stomach wall and the phlegm of the pyloric sphincter, and restore the peristalsis and secretion function of the stomach. This method can also be used for acute gastric dilatation. Commonly used warm salt water, warm water, 1%-2% NaCl solution, warm soapy water, strong tea water and 1% soda liquid. The gastric lavage fluid is repeatedly washed in an amount of 5 to 10 ml per kilogram of body weight, and 0.02%-0.05% of activated carbon is added to the gastric lavage solution to enhance the gastric lavage effect.

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  • Adsorption method: an adsorbent such as activated carbon is used to absorb the poison on the surface of the medicine, thereby effectively preventing the absorption of the poison. However, it should be noted that for the treatment of poisoning application of plant-based activated carbon, do not use mineral or animal-based activated carbon. 30 minutes after taking activated carbon, you should take laxatives, and at the same time with emetic or gastric lavage, the effect is better. However, activated carbon is not effective against cyanide poisoning.
  • Laxatives: Another way to promote the excretion of gastrointestinal poisons, be careful not to use vegetable oils, because the poisons are soluble in them, prolonging the poisoning time.

2. Accelerate the elimination of absorbed toxic substances. Diuretics can accelerate the elimination of toxic substances from the urine but should be carried out under normal conditions of normal water and electrolytes and normal kidney function. Commonly used furosemide and mannitol. When using, if the amount of urine is not increased, it should be prohibited from repeated use. After the effect, anti-dehydration can be combined with intravenous rehydration.

Changing the pH of the urine can speed up the elimination of the poison. Oral NH4Cl can make uric acidification, soda can make the urine alkaline, and treat weak acid compounds such as aspirin and barbital poisoning.

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