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Weight loss breakfast recipes


I do not want to eat breakfast when the mirror dream about: do not eat breakfast this morning, at noon it will certainly binge drinking binge eating and long-term effect. When a big fat pig comes out of your mirror, you will regret it! So if you are rushing to work on a hurry Monday, bring some convenient foods, such as low-fat or skimmed yogurt, you can add some Long strips of almonds. When you reserve food in advance at home, you have no excuse to always complain about “getting too late” to eat breakfast.


Do you know? If you don’t feel hungry when you wake up early, you can use some training to mention the morning appetite. Start by eating something lighter, like salty crackers. After getting used to it, you can add a whole wheat toast. Then, try applying a layer of peanut butter or almond paste to the toast. Next, add fruit or a small cup of 100% juice, and finally a cup of soy milk. Unconsciously, you will wake up hungry.


Make a quick and healthy breakfast lunch. Put a whole-grain tortilla in the lunch box, plus one egg (the healthier way to eat is to eat only egg white, which is of course wasteful). Vegetables can be added with radish and spinach. If you like, you can add a thick layer of ketchup to the tortillas and finally sprinkle with a little low-fat cheese as a decoration.

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Weight loss breakfast recipes


Are you eating breakfast at your desk or desk? If that’s the case, clean up the fried doughnuts in the drawer. Put on some healthy snacks, such as canned fruit (preferably canned with pure fruit juice, such as pineapple canned pineapple pulp), dried figs, dried plums, a few packets of ready-to-eat cereal, mini whole-grain food, fresh the nuts or seeds.


If you drive to work, there is enough time to have a healthy breakfast. Between the trips, throw the following into your bag: low-fat cheese, a banana, a small jar of 100% natural juice (about 4 ounces), a small bag of graham crackers.

le with a tablespoon of crushed walnuts. This breakfast is very convenient to make, and it is full of food and nutrition, which will definitely satisfy you.


On a relaxed Sunday, don’t sleep until noon and save breakfast. It is better to eat a little or drink something than to eat anything, but it is best to choose a nutritionally balanced food. If your breakfast is just a cup of milk coffee, add a few slices of fresh fruit and a whole grain of cereal.

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