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What is essential oil, what are the benefits of essential oils- daily healthcare us?

What is the Essential Oil? and What is the Benefit?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold soaking or solvent extraction. Essential oils are subdivided ( combined essential oils ) and undiluted ( single essential oils ) such as cactus seed oil. Essential oils are very volatile and will volatilize quickly when exposed to air. For this reason, essential oils must be stored in dark bottles that can be sealed.

First, let me talk about the advantages of essential oils

Not to call the essential oil, it will make the skin oil. On the contrary, the absorption rate of essential oils is higher than that of ordinary cosmetics. The skin is divided into the epidermis (the epidermis is subdivided into 5 layers) and the dermis! The stratum corneum eats frost, the transparent layer eats water, and the granular layer eats milk. The basal layer eats the general essence, and the dermis layer eats the top essence. In other words, most of the cosmetics are not absorbed by the dermis.

The essential oil enters the epidermis in 3 minutes, enters the dermis in 5 minutes, reaches the subcutaneous tissue in 7 minutes, enters the blood and lymph circulation in 10-12 minutes, and is excreted in 4-12 hours. The penetration rate is very high, and cosmetics are not comparable!

2. Essential oils have a high efficacy. For example, a drop of lemon essential oil is equivalent to 70 lemons. The concentration of essential oil is 70 times the original extraction concentration. Therefore, in terms of effect, it is quite satisfactory!

3. The most powerful essential oil is the regulation of the body. It is inherently antiviral, and any essential oil is more or less antiviral and bactericidal. And no toxic side effects, will not remain in the human body, with sweat, urine and breathing excluded from the body. Long-term use of essential oils will not only bring the skin to a natural luster but also gradually reach the balance of yin and yang.

Second, talk about the most important characteristics of each product

1. Tea tree sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect on acne is particularly good, generally 1-2 days acne will go down. Remember not to squeeze, acne squeeze out, it will cause damage to the surrounding skin, it will be more difficult to repair. In the sales process, we will say that the effect is about one month, and it is also particularly sensitive to certain essential oils. The effect is about one week.

In addition, tea trees also have a special effect for friends with more female circles. Effectively improve gynecological inflammation, use a basin bath to drop 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, with a strong sterilization effect. In the underwear, you can also drop a drop as an aid.

The effect is also very obvious.

For men, the skin is generally oily. Tea tree oil can be added to cleansing lotion, toner, lotion and cream. When using these cosmetics, just drop a drop of tea tree. Just rub it up, there will be a little oil on the surface, but it will be absorbed by the skin in a few minutes!

The tea tree is a family doctor. It usually has wounds, and it can also be applied in a small range. It has the effect of sterilizing and stopping the bleeding. You can also drop a drop of essential oil in the car to refresh your mind, relieve fatigue, and headaches. Usually, at home, hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, and other products can add a few drops of tea tree oil, so that the sterilization effect is stronger!

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2. Lavender is a universal essential oil. The most used on skin care is to get acne scars. Generally, the skin is easy to eliminate acne, but the acne scar is difficult. Lavender has the effect of repairing damaged skin at an extremely speed, and it is also used by medicine in sputum. Therefore, the effect of lavender’s acne marks is hard to compare with ordinary cosmetics.

The reason why lavender is called universal essential oil is not only for acne skin. It also has many functions such as whitening and firming. Most people know about lavender and stay in the effect of insomnia. Especially for insomnia caused by physical discomfort, mental stress, anxiety or excessive brain use. Drop on the handkerchief.

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It has therapeutic effects on headache, muscle soreness, and dysmenorrhea. Generally use hot compress, massage, bath and so on.

rose essential oil - daily healthcare us (
Rose essential oil

3. Rose essential oil is after essential oil. It is the most feminine female essential oil. In terms of beauty, it has the characteristics of whitening hydrating, anti-wrinkle nourishing, blemish, dark circles and so on. It is the most effective skin care product for women. At the same time, it is also very helpful for female endocrinology! Long-term use of rose essential oil not only becomes more lustrous and translucent on the skin but also makes the balance of yin and yang in the body more and more harmonious. It will also make women more confident and give women a unique charm.

After Cleopatra, it is the biggest lover of rose essential oil, and this kind of temperament captures the hearts of a group of great heroes!

Rose essential oil is diluted 3% and can be rubbed directly onto the face.

4. Eye care essential oil belongs to the compound essential oil. It is made up of rose oil, white flower chamomile oil, jojoba seed oil, and grape seed oil.

The most fearful thing in the eye is that the eye cream cannot be absorbed well, but instead causes the formation of fat granules. The use of essential oils instead of eye creams can completely eliminate the shortcomings of eye creams. The high oil absorption rate penetrates into the basal layer of the skin and truly improves various problems of the eye.

5 Skin Oil is formulated for women who need whitening and melanin precipitation. This oil, we have been repeatedly deployed, improved, and only after 80% effective feedback rate, officially launched!

This essential oil is only available for evening use. For the effect of freckles, it will be worse. Most freckles are hereditary. But how much has some effect. After using one bottle, there will be a macroscopic effect of melanin lightening. For spotted skin, just use spotting. For the whole face to teach black, it is recommended to wipe the entire face.

Without any side effects, it will not rebound. But be sure to pay more attention to sunscreen, and other sunscreens need to remove makeup! However, it is recommended that even if the effect is good, replace the essential oils alternately. If you use a bottle of skin oil, then use rose oil, or alternate every week, the effect will be better!

6. Rose pure dew Many people have used rose toner, etc., containing roses for cosmetics. In most cosmetics, only the chemically synthesized rose ingredients are added. In general, pure dew is a product collected by extraction of plant essential oils by distillation. The rose puree we choose is made directly from raw materials, not as an adjunct to rose essential oil so that the active ingredients of rose pure dew will be more. A trace amount of rose essential oil is also collected in the collected rose puree. Everyone shakes the bottle and finds it. It is a very precious rose pure oil rose and the effect of roses is similar. It is more water-soluble substances in plants than essential oils. In the skincare process, it is used as a toner to provide more diversified products for natural skin care.

7. Rose essence in order to facilitate more roses lovers, specially formulated rose essence milk. In this way, the essential oil can be used directly. This will make it easier to use. At the same time, it is rich in aloe vera extract, which is also suitable for any skin in moisturizing. Through the skin massage, it will be quickly absorbed. Just after rubbing it, there will be ingredients of rose essential oil on the surface, which looks a bit oily and will be completely absorbed after a few minutes. It deeply nourishes the skin and can dilute melanin.


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