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An animal at home is a great joy, but an even greater responsibility. It does not matter if it is a dog, a cat or a hamster. Each of them needs care, commitment, and responsibility, so before anyone decides to have a pet at home, he should take into account the pros and cons of this provision.

Animal at home – YES!

As advocates and even owners of pet animals, we will start with the advantages that go with a dog, cat or rodent under the house roof.

– caring for an animal teaches the responsibility, discipline, and empathy of both children and adults

– having a dog, cat or hamster affects development, develops sensitivity and the ability to recognize and satisfy the needs of another creature

– this is a great opportunity for wonderful fun and a break from everyday life or a positive effect on the psyche

– comfort and understand, that is, a companion on four legs is a great companion and companion of sorrows and worries

– care for the animal relaxes and calms, but it is also a great opportunity for great fun and a reason to be happy, and in the case of a dog also a motivator for movement and daily walks

– a dog is a great defender who will take care of the safety of its owner

An animal is a family member who deserves the best food, care, and the best gifts and a wonderful, happy and joyful life. It’s not only fun, but above all an obligation that quickly becomes your best friend, but it will never be a toy that can be put aside in a corner when you get bored.

Exactly! Not everyone understands it, that is why NOT for animals in the house, we say to those who: like spontaneity and free time – having an animal it is difficult to decide for a second vacation holiday on the last minute offer. It also costs, so if someone is afraid of spending better, think twice about the pet at home. Your allergy should also be rethought three times. It must be remembered that every domestic pet is a fur (except a fish), which can be very troublesome both for those sneezing and scratching eyes, as well as pedants who value order in their surroundings.

Summarizing. We are so! We believe that the animal at home is the same advantages and even invaluable effect on many aspects of human life. However, if someone is not convinced of a pet at home, it is better not to take this decision. It may be wrong, and the most vulnerable animal will suffer the most.

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