Zumba is a healthy and fashionable fitness class that combines music with dynamic and easy-to-learn movements and intermittent aerobic exercises. Zumba is a fitness method evolved from dance. It combines various South American dance forms such as samba, chacha, salsa, reggae, flamenco, and tango. The term “Zumba” originated from Colombian slang, meaning “fast movement”. A 60-minute Zumba fitness class is divided into several stages with different rhythms and intensities. Even people without any dancing foundation can get relaxation and fun.

One day more than ten years ago, when the famous Colombian fitness coach Beto Perez walked into the gym to prepare for class, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to bring fitness music. In desperation, Perez grabbed several cassettes from the car, which contained very traditional Latin music and dance music. In class, Perez bit the bullet and improvised and designed his movements according to the music beat. Unexpectedly, this rescue made the Zumba style quickly and out of control, becoming the most popular sport in Perez’s gym.

Zumba Dance Workout
Zumba Dance Workout for weight loss

Millions of people are keen to open the first fitness center in the United States

The Zumba movement landed in Miami, Florida, the USA in 1999 shortly after its birth, and it quickly set off an upsurge in the United States. Zumba Fitness estimates that approximately 1 million Americans now choose Zumba Fitness. According to a report by the Associated Press on January 31, although many health clubs in the United States have opened Zumba fitness classes, the first dedicated Zumba fitness center was established on January 15, 2000. The founders were the Joneses.

Today, Zumba Fitness has a large following in the United States and Latin American countries, and they are working hard to promote this project to all parts of the world. Zumba Fitness DVD has sold more than 2 million discs in more than 30 countries around the world. It is reported that Beijing has also opened Zumba fitness classes.

Although he grew up on the south coast of the United States, Zumba’s roots are deeply rooted in the sacred fertile soil of the South American continent in terms of its pedigree. The word Zumba originated in Colombia. It originally meant “to move fast and joyously”. This form of fitness combines the steps and rhythms of various South American dances, so the rhythm is particularly sharp and there is no impact.

It is for many fitness hobbies. In terms of people, this fitness method brings joy and excitement without any unnecessary damage to the joints. In Zumba classes, you must first put aside the sense of restraint that work brings you psychologically. Moreover, Zumba’s dance steps are not very difficult and do not require any basic Latin dance. There is no special requirement for the quality of the dance steps, so cheerfulness is the most important thing, and more importantly, in this cheerful process, the bodybuilder can Ultimately achieve the goal of fitness and fat reduction.

The best body sculpting effect “jumps” 700 calories in a class

Zumba’s sports characteristics are mainly reflected in its fanatical music rhythm and body movements: jumping, waving arms, twisting hips, applauding, shaking heads, just like a dance in a bar. Such high-intensity exercise has a good effect on weight loss and body shaping. During exercise, people can exercise while singing and dancing. Some practitioners said that each lesson can consume more than 700 calories, and will always sweat profusely after training. “You don’t have to embarrass yourself to lose weight,” said Alberto Perlman, president of Zumba Fitness. “It’s like hiding a pill in a jelly bean.”

There is no patent for the age group, and the heart and lung joint damage is small

As we all know, the people of South America can sing and dance. Zumba is not a patent for a certain age group. When jumping Zumba, people have a proper range of muscle expansion and no equipment damage, so it is suitable for promotion to a wider audience. Sports experts also pointed out that Zumba exercise is beneficial to cardiopulmonary function and less damage to joints. It is a suitable choice for middle-aged people who want to improve their physical fitness.

In the Caribbean island countries, there are almost no people from 8 to 80 who don’t enjoy weekend dance nights. Therefore, Zumba is not exclusive to any age group. As long as you have a young mentality as a bodybuilder, you can enjoy it. The happiness Zumba brings to you! In addition, Zumba does not have a high-impact pace, the range of muscle expansion is controlled within a reasonable and effective range, and there is no equipment damage to the human body. It also makes it suitable for a wide range of people.

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Sports experience

As a kind of aerobic exercise, Zumba’s course intensity can be scored 8 points. The length of a Zumba class is about 60 minutes. Like many aerobic exercises, the intensity of the Zumba class follows the law of weak-strong-weak relaxation. Different Zumba classes change through changes in pace. Exercise rhythm, that is: warm up with a slow dance pace, after the warm-up, change into another distinctive, faster-paced dance pace, and gradually increase the intensity of the method to make the heart rate continue to increase. During the warm-up phase of the first 15 minutes of the Zumba class, the bodybuilder’s heart rate will be controlled within a relatively safe range: 30%-60% of their fastest heart rate. Here is a case of a 30-year-old member’s feelings. Here is a case of a 30-year-old member experiencing Zumba.

The 30-year-old member’s maximum fitness heart rate should be 220-age multiplied by 80%, or 152 beats per minute. According to the member, during the first 15 minutes of the Zumba class, her heart rate was around 90 beats per minute, which shows that Zumba’s warm-up intensity is safe and effective. In the subsequent rhythm changes, she felt that she had reached the peak of the movement without knowing it. With the vivid and gradually accelerating rhythm, her heartbeat also accelerated.

Within half an hour of entering the excitement period, Her pulse has reached the highest 140 times. Compared with skipping rope, her heart rate is slowly accelerating on a smooth curve. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring training quality and training intensity, Zumba training is undoubtedly safer. According to foreign data, a 60-minute Zumba course can consume up to 450 kcal of bodybuilders. Therefore, the training intensity of Zumba can fully meet the needs of bodybuilders.

Zumba is a low-impact aerobic exercise, and it is not very difficult. Zumba can score 9 points for safety. In addition, the parts that bodybuilders are not easy to practice when doing traditional aerobics can be easily practiced in Zumba training. The waist (especially on both sides of the waist) in South American dance is rich in twisting movements. People who perform Zumba training can easily gain opportunities to strengthen their waist muscles. This is a good thing for white-collar workers who often sit in the office.

Zumba also has a good relaxing effect on the neck and shoulders. This relaxation is carried out under the rhythm of the command, without any extra load. The bodybuilder only needs to warm up, twist the cervical spine and shake the shoulders at the same time. Don’t worry about sprains or bruises if the amplitude is larger. Zumba’s entertainment and fun are one of the most important factors for Zumba to become the new favorite of fitness.

Zumba fundamentally breaks the limitations of basic aerobics, boldly starts from the music style, absorbs the essential elements of aerobics and Latin dance, so that the bodybuilder can quickly reach the point of excitement without quickly becoming tired and bored. feel. After a Zumba class, the bodybuilder is not only moving with the password, but more importantly: the bodybuilder can interpret his own pace according to his own characteristics and his own understanding of Latin dance. This kind of personalized creation can make Bodybuilders are more fully engaged and relaxed better. Therefore, Zumba’s entertainment and fun are worthy of a full score of 10.

How does this work

The rhythm of salsa, flamenco, and merengue is more like a dance party than exercise, which is what makes Zumba popular. Latin-style dance exercise is one of the most popular group exercise courses in the world. The high-energy course will be set with optimistic music and well-designed dance figures, which you might see in nightclubs. In the Zumba course, you don’t need to be a great dancer.

Through the marked line “Give up exercise and join the party”, the course emphasizes moving to music and having a good time without rhythm. There are several different types of Zumba courses, from Aqua Zumba training to Zumba Toning courses, which include additional calorie burn and weight training. There are even Zumba children’s courses.

Exercise an average of 369 calories in a 60-minute course-more than aerobic taekwondo or aerobic exercise. You will get a good aerobic exercise that can melt fat, strengthen your core, and improve flexibility.

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Zumba Dance disadvantages

  1. Zumba is not very tough. It is not a workout to build muscle mass.
  2. Zumba is typically a workout that attracts many women. This often makes the threshold too high for men to participate.
  3. The intensity level is highly dependent on your teacher. So choose a good teacher!
  4. You will lose weight, but you might not gain strength.
  5. You could suffer dehydration for this Zumba dance workout.
  6. If you have asthma or respiratory problems, then Zumba could pose a health risk for you.
  7. Zumba and the wrong diet can strip your body of muscle.
  8. Your Zumba instructor might not be suitably experienced.
  9. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause injury or pain in the legs during Zumba dance. So wear the right shoes.
  10. You can slip or fall while moving in class during the Zumba dance. So be a little cautious.

Every fitness video is going to have overly happy people that are just extra. You come to expect it, and this is no different.

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